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The best way to prevent a transaction issue is to thoroughly analyze and evaluate the potential consequences of the situation before agreeing to terms and signing the contract. Therefore, it is essential that borrowers work with a legal company that can communicate effectively and logically explain the document’s details. 

That’s what we’re here for.

Here at Gambardella, Cipriano, Gottlieb & Hathaway, we encourage our clients to visit us to consult with one of our lawyers throughout the process before sealing the deal.

Our goal is simple — to make closing as easy as possible.

Our law firm is listed as one of the most trusted closing counsel for the vast majority of financial institutions in the state of Connecticut, including banks, mortgage firms, and credit unions.

Our satellite offices are strategically spread out around the state, enabling us to reach our clients and streamline transactions in the most convenient way possible. 

Quality Commercial Real Estate Legal Assistance Available When You Need It

Gambadella, Cipriano, Gottlieb & Hathaway offers legal guidance for several small and big business lenders in Connecticut. Because of our extensive experience as Bank Counsel, we can provide you with services that are both comprehensive and efficient. This allows us to provide the quality and responsiveness you require and expect, allowing you to accomplish your objectives and compete in the modern market successfully. 

We help commercial customers with:

Our legal counsel is equipped with the expertise and practical background necessary to guide you through the convoluted and ever-evolving maze of policies, laws, and regulations relevant to real estate transactions. If you are ready to create a new facility, retail shopping district, multi-family housing project, warehousing, or negotiating a commercial lease due to a complicated loan, we will give you unrivaled expertise, experience, and personalized attention.

We Specialize in Connecticut Real Estate Closings and Escrow

When it comes to writing and analyzing contracts and carrying out the terms of such, paying close attention to the tiniest of particulars is, as we all know, vital to the success of real estate agents and attorneys. We are the best choice by most business professionals and companies because of our reputation as leading experts in the real estate industry.

Our company offers a newsletter service to educate real estate agents and clients operating in the region. This will also assist them in avoiding frequent errors that we come across after the contract has already been signed.

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