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Before agreeing to the terms of the contract and signing it, doing an in-depth analysis and evaluation of the possible outcomes is the most effective method for preventing a problem. Therefore, individuals must consult with a legal advisor to provide them with a logical explanation of the intricacies of the agreement. 

That is where we come in. At Gambardella, Cipriano, Gottlieb & Hathaway, we make closing as simple and easy as possible for all our clients.

Our legal team is recognized as one of the most reliable closing attorneys in Connecticut by a great majority of financial institutions, including banks, mortgage companies, and credit unions.

We Offer Quality Condominium Association Representation

At Gambardella, Cipriano, Gottlieb & Hathaway, our experts provide legal counsel to several small to medium-sized business owners. Our comprehensive and significant expertise as Bank Counsel makes it possible for us to provide the quality and responsiveness you deserve and expect. In turn, achieving your goals and effectively competing in the current market.

We help commercial customers with:

We are Condominium Association Experts for Closing and Escrow in Connecticut

Whether you’re facing issues with your condominium or resolving a few disagreements with unit owners, our Condominium Association legal team at GCGH has the knowledge and expertise to help you through the complex web of rules, laws, and regulations that govern the process. Our reputation as the industry’s foremost specialists in rental properties makes us the top option for most business individuals and corporations. 

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