The law of landlord-tenant is an essential part of property law. While there are many rules and regulations to be followed, the law’s primary focus is to secure the rights and responsibilities of the property owners. And here at Gambardella, Cipriano, Gottlieb & Hathaway, representing our clients is what matters most!

Our goal is to provide efficient legal services throughout the entire process. We represent clients throughout all of the housing courts in the state, including those that do not have a dedicated housing court. We understand the importance of housing and that landlords’ financial risk should not be understated.

We handle the following types of Landlord-Tenant matters:

Why You Need a Landlord-Tenant Lawyer?

Landlord-Tenant law is an area of law that constantly changes as new legislation and case law are made. In addition, the laws vary from state to state and sometimes even within the same state. As a result, it is challenging to keep up with all changes. A landlord-tenant lawyer can help you stay on top of the laws and follow them correctly.

Our team at Gambardella, Cipriano, Gottlieb & Hathaway understands how vital your property is to your business. We will ensure that you are protected from any potential liability or damage if something goes wrong with your property.

What Makes Us Different?

Our goal is to provide efficient legal services throughout the entire process. We understand that landlords have a lot on their plate and do not want their time wasted by unnecessary tasks or procedures that do not need to be followed. During the COVID 19 Pandemic and even after, we made sure and continue to make sure that we are aware of any and all changes in the laws in order to make sure that possession is returned as quickly as possible to the Landlord.  Far too often, small changes are overlooked which results in a loss of time and money for the Landlord.

Our firm has the experience and knowledge to guide you through the process of resolving issues that may arise in your tenancy. We understand the pressure you are under when you have a tenant living on your property. We can help you solve your problems without additional costs by providing affordable legal representation.

We believe that our experience and knowledge of the law and the unique needs of our clients give us a significant advantage in understanding the issues that may arise and allow us to provide practical advice, representation, and solutions. Gambardella, Cipriano, Gottlieb & Hathaway has a long history of success in the Connecticut housing court system and are here to continue that service!

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