Landlord / Tenant Law - Protecting Owners and Leases

Once the lease is written and the tenant has taken occupancy, it is often times still necessary for the landlord to obtain the advice of counsel. It could be a simple question, like “Do I need to pay interest on my security deposits?” For residential leases, the answer is always “yes.” The price which must be paid is set by statute and is published each year.

Helping Landlords Protect Their Finances

Often times, things get much more complicated and the advice of counsel becomes far more important. Making the wrong decision can be very costly to the landlord, and can readily lead to criminal charges.

Our attorneys have the experience to guide you when tough decisions need to be made. Trying to handle an eviction on your own can be costly in terms of the time lost, but can also lead to much more serious consequences. We can assist you in navigating your way through the complex time frames and nuances to make for an expedient process.

At Gambardella, Cipriano, Gottlieb & Hathaway, our attorneys can also provide years of experience in writing stipulated agreements that provide the most protection possible, and assure a successful and complete termination or reinstatement of a tenancy.