There are many different ways to plan for the future. If you want to make sure your financial affairs and your loved ones are well taken care of, the experienced Estate Planning Attorneys at Gambardella, Cipriano, Gottlieb & Hathaway will help you to design and implement an estate plan tailored to address your unique concerns and wishes.

The term “estate planning” is typically used to describe the process of compiling a number of important documents to create a comprehensive, holistic plan. While each estate plan differs depending on each client’s unique circumstances, there are several documents at the core of a basic estate plan:

Core Basic Estate Planning Documents:

Connecticut Estate Planning and Probate — Helping You Strategize for the Future

The future is what you make of it, and with a solid estate plan, you can ensure that your loved ones receive the care and support they will need after your passing. From drafting a will to protecting your family with life insurance, we have the experience and expertise to ensure that your estate plan is comprehensive, legally sound, and meets your needs.

Whether you are just starting to think about estate planning or are in the process of updating your current estate plan, we are here to help secure your legacy. We know that this process can be overwhelming, so we will walk you through each step, answer any questions you may have, and help you secure the best possible outcome for you and your family. At Gambardella, Cipriano, Gottlieb & Hathaway, we pride ourselves on being advocates for you and your family throughout the entire process.

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